Posts for August 2010

Aug 30

My favorite Android apps

As a follow-up to my previous introduction to Android I will highlight my favorite or most-used apps in this post. Those are just apps that don't come with Android itself, such as Google Mail or Maps, just talking about the ones I manually got from the Android market.

Aug 25

Django Dash - Lessons learned

The Django Dash is a chance for Django enthusiasts to flex their coding skills a little and put a fine point on “perfectionists with deadlines” by giving you a REAL deadline. 48 hours from start to stop to produce the best app you can and have a little fun in the process. I took part in this year's Dash and am posting this to give an insight into my Dash weekend.

Aug 17

The way I use VirtualBox

Virtualization is everywhere. VirtualBox ( is not new, I have used it for quite a while now but haven't really digged deeper into it. Today a colleague at work told me more about it and I got to love its command line tool: VBoxManage - which you can use to basically do everything that the GUI can do, too, plus more. I'll introduce one nice little feature I came to love today in this very blog post.