Aug 30

My favorite Android apps

As a follow-up to my previous introduction to Android I will highlight my favorite or most-used apps in this post. Those are just apps that don't come with Android itself, such as Google Mail or Maps, just talking about the ones I manually got from the Android market.

Advanced Task Killer

As some apps don’t stop running when you are using the back or home button they keep on running in the background. The Advanced Taks Killer (I use the free version) enables you to kill (as in stop) those processes.
Advanced Task Killer on Android market


This app is priceless for taking notes and syncing it with multiple devices (PCs, Macs, Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, etc.). The link to the market: Evernote on Android market


My favorite Twitter app for Android devices. I have tried several other ones, but like this the most. Tweetdeck is on my list of Twitter-apps to try out in the near future. If you are using Twitter at all, make sure you give it a try.
Seesmic on the Android market

Opera Mini

This is my browser of choice for my mobile phone and serves me really well so far. I gotta admit that I did not experience big issues with the built-in browser but I kinda got stuck with Opera as my go-to app, wenn it comes to browsing the web.
Opera Mobile Download site

Pkt Auctions

This is a really really good ebay application for Android devices. I have already used it several times when buying/selling stuff on ebay. If you are an ebayer, you should definately check it out. I’ve found it way better than using the ebay mobile site.
Pkt Auctions on Android Market


Endomondo enables you to track your running / cycling / walking / skating / whatevermoving using your phone’s GPS module. Works really well and gives you a detailed overview on where you were and even displays the song you were listening to at a particular spot if you are using your phone as a music player while doing sports. The web interface (you can upload all your workouts) is pretty nice to and the built-in Google Maps (both for web and mobile) display your route. I used it to figure out how far it was from my place to work (6+ miles). Check Endomondo’s download page if the app is available for your phone, too (if you do not have an Android device).
Endomondo on Android Market

What are your favorite apps?

Let me know what your favorite apps are – I am continuously looking for new ones!