May 29

Going camping in Canada

There are a few things one should do while on this planet. Travelling and seeing different places and meeting different cultures should be pretty high on that list. One of the things I always wanted to do was going to Canada, rent a camper and just go camping at the most beautiful camp grounds on the way. If you find a reallyw nice place, stay a little longer, if you do not like it, hop on the camper and go somewhere else.

The trip

The only thing on that trip that we know for sure is that we are going to fly to Vancouver, stay there for two nights and then head out with a camper for 14 days and drive towards Calgary. Among the possible destinations are places like Vancouver Island, that would involve a 90 minutes ferry, too, or Whistler – a mostly known for skiing in the winter area. The final stops will most likely be Jasper and Banff, which are supposed pretty beautiful, too. Our estimated route will take us around 2’700 km (those that we will be hiking/walking not counted) through Canada.

The one place that I already know we will not have enough time for, is Vancouver. We will arrive in the afternoon, spend two nights there and will probably leave on our third day in the morning, which means we only get to spend one full day there. Any recommendations on what we absolutely have to see/do while in Vancouver?

The camper

I have never been on a trip with a camper and am definately looking forward to this experience. I think there will be plenty of room for us in this 8m long vehicle (which will be interesting to drive, too). The standing height inside is a little above 2m, which should be fine. We are renting it from Westcoast Mountain Camper and asked for a newer model (C24 vs. V24), which means the oldest it would be, would be one year. Have you been on the road with a camper yet? Any hints what we should definately think of?


From what we have read so far, there are two kinds of campgrounds:

  • Privately held ones, which in some cases offer full hook up service. They are supposed to be a little nicer and better equipped, but also they are a little bit more expensive.
  • Public campgrounds that are officially supported or run by Canada or one of its states.

We will definately check out both or said differently, we will check into both types of campgrounds, depending on where we get a free spot. In most cases it is possible – and some even recommend – that you make reservations. We are not sure about this yet, because we do not know how much local SIM cards are and if it is even possible to get one as a non-resident. That is something we still have to figure out.


So do you have any recommendations for us? We will be in British Columbia and Alberta and are still looking for things to see and do while there. We are grateful for genral hints on camping and cruising around Canada and other hints related to such a trip. Maybe you have a good blog or website that you could recommend? Maybe some not so common touristy places!?

This will be an adventure for us, I am sure. And I am so looking forward to this trip! We are going to make it awesome! ;-)

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