Oct 15

Canada: Calgary

After spending the last two weeks on the road in Canada – going from Vancouver to Mount Robson to Banff – we reached our last step of out trip: Calgary, Alberta. This is the last post on our Canada trip, I am looking forward to hearing from you and your experiences, if you did anything similar.

Olympic park

We were lucky to be able to stay with family in Calgary (Thank you!), so no review/recommendation for a hotel in Calgary from us. We stayed really close to the Canada Olympic Park (COP) and had a great view on Downtown Calgary from there. Calgary is a pretty young city when you compare it to European cities. It grew due to a lot of oil around it. I am kind of curious what will happen when the oil is running low.

Downtown Calgary

The view and the landscape around Calgary is just fabulous. On a not foggy day you can see the Rocky Mountains. Of the 5 days we spent in Calgary there was one rainy/foggy day. Guess which day we picked to go Downtown and visit the Calgary Tower! Yes, the rainy one. It was still impressive. They have a glass floor which really feels wrong to step on and although it was raining you were able to see a good amount of interesting things around the tower.

Due to the rain we were really happy about the mall structure they have in Calgary. There is a what I would call maze of different malls inside other buildings with corridors spanning between different buildings which made the shopping in Calgary a unique experience. Make sure you plan some time to check this out when you are in or around Calgary.

Saying goodbye to Canada

The last 3.5 weeks have been one great experience. It was first time camping for us. It was the first time in Canada. Definately not the last on both points. Camping gives you a certain amount of flexibility and the chance to stay at different places every night. You could do that with hotels as well, but with camping you can go places that are not too over crowded and see parts of the nature that stayed untouched by humans so far.

Everyone in Canada we talked to was really nice and tried to make us feel welcome in their country. And we will definately come back. So if you are looking for a recommendation if you should / should not go to Canada (especially the western part), do it! You will not be disappointed not matter what you are looking for. Be it action and sports, or nature and silence, or a mix of both!

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