Jul 15

Germany is the World Champion in football (soccer) - and I don't really care

The last weeks have been packed with football matches on TV. Some really good ones, some crappy ones, some fun ones, some brutal ones. This phase has come to an end on Sunday. The FIFA World Cup came to an end with Germany (my country) playing Argentina in the finals. By now pretty much the whole world should know who won.

Germany won

After a good start into the tournament, some close matches in between, the disastrous beating of Brazil (probably just their view on the match) and the close 1:0 victory over Argentina, Germany went crazy. There was public viewing, and then today there was the public reception of the national team in Berlin. Their flight back from Brazil to the capital arrived in the morning and they flew low over the so called Fan-Fest in Berlin.

Photo credit: Martin Winkler

They then got on a bus and drove to the city to celebrate the title with thousands of fans who were cheering for the team and just having a good time (probably had a beer or two, too).

I don’t care

So while I am kind of happy that Germany won, these reactions made me think that I seem to not care about the world cup at all. I had this feeling during most of the matches, too. Let’s take the Brazil match for example, after the 3rd goal I felt more sorry for Brazil than enthusiastic for our team. The players deserve the deepest respect for this achievement, they won some tough matches and took some serious beatings.

I think I know at least parts of the reasons behind this: I dislike most players in our team for most of the year. And I seem to be unable to like them for international tournaments for a couple of weeks every other year.

Why am I not liking them? Well, mostly because they play for the wrong teams (read: teams I dislike for various reasons but mainly because they are not the VfB Stuttgart) during the regular football seasons (Bundesliga, Premier League, …) that make me dislike them. Don’t get me wrong what the players achieved is a big milestone in their career and for the German football in general. For me though that’s about it. It’s not like I walked around any happier after our team won the World Cup. There’s nothing more (happiness, enthusiasm) I can get out of it, others seem to be much better at this.

Maybe there is another reason, but I am not quite sure how to express it. There are fans that pop up everywhere every two years. These fans do not talk about football for most of the times in between international championships, they don’t care about football in general, but as soon as Germany (don’t know if it’s true for other countries) reaches the main round of a tournament, they go out and buy jerseys, paint their faces, put out flags, put flags on the cars, markers on the car rear mirrors, … This just feels wrong for me. It’s their valid right to do so and I would never ever want to ask someone not to do so, but it feels wrong. For me – as I care about football the whole year – it feels wrong.

Back to business

In a couple of weeks the Bundesliga is going to start. Until then most Germany flags will probably have been put away, the flags on the cars most likely end up broken on the Autobahn and it is back to people being annoyed by the fact that football will be on TV most of the weekend and be shown in pubs and bars. But it is different. This time it’s the local teams that are playing, not national teams and only a few fans remain (when compared to the „fans“ during an international tournament). For me this means going back to disliking most of the players on Germany’s national team because they play for the wrong teams.

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