Jun 07

Upgrading the Olympus PEN E-PL3 with a prime lense

As mentioned in a post on my new camera from around 2 years ago I am an happy owner of the Olympus PEN E-PL3. While I have constantly been checking out other cameras I still have not made the switch to a different camera. Not sure why I do not want to make the decision on whether to upgrade or not but most of the times I cannot find anything in my current camera setup that I am missing. At least that is the feeling after I purchased my first prime lense around a year ago. This purchase felt like a big change in my setup.

Getting closer to what you capture

When purchasing the camera I wanted to be able to change the lenses and have a couple of nice zoom lenses. I quickly (in about 1 year) realized that that was not what I really wanted. Zooming was fun. Not having to move to get closer was fun. I took some (in my opinion) pretty decent photographs in the first year of owning the camera. Zooming in on a far away object was also kind of staying in distance and apart from what you are actually taking a picture of. I realized that what was most fun to photograph are people and by that I mean situation that were not setup and/or artificial, but just their natural behaviors. In my opinion capturing this moments of happiness/sadness/laughter/tears is pretty interesting.

When you want to capture people from up close it is hard to get them in their natural surrounding because they feel watched and react to the camera . So I wanted an in between solution. A lense that enabled me to get closer to the objects/people I photograph and still kind of stay on a distance not to change their reaction be putting a camera into their face.

Meet the M.Zuiko 45mm f1.8

The 45mm for a micro four thirds camera means an effective focal length of 90mm and makes an ideal solution for portraits. When attached to the body of the E-PL3 you have a nice and handy point-and-shoot like camera that you can just take up, let the autofocus do its magic and take some nice pictures. On the other hand if you want to focus on something in particular you can go back to manually focussing. The f1.8 guarantees a shallow depth of field for blurred backgrounds as can be seen in the pictures below, too:

So far I ‚only‘ own the two kit lenses 14-42mm and 40-150mm alongside the 45mm prime lense. Since I purchased the prime lense I have only used the other lenses on really rare occasions. This prime lense is now my go to lense when in doubt. So far it did not disappoint.

What’s next?

As I mentioned earlier in this post I came to realize that I do not use the zoom lenses that often anymore and that got me thinking of going for a camera like the Fuji X100s which does not come with changeable lenses. On the other hand, Adam Jackson (the guy whose blog post made me curious about the Olympus PEN and MFT cameras) just upgraded to the Olympus E-M1 (with which I could reuse my current lense(s), too).

What is your camera setup?

What is your camera setup like? Do you own several lenses or do you have a go-to lense that you basically use exclusively? I would like to hear from anyone who is interested in sharing her/his experience and look forward to hearing from you! Share you flickr // 500px site.

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