May 15

Getting in shape #strafi30 - kind of failure

During the winter months, as one does, my sports activities went down to tennis once a week and not a lot more outdoor activities besides going to work and back. There was a lack of motivation and I just did not feel like going out running all alone. Seems like all that was needed was a kick in the butt: And “strafi30“: was there to do exactly this.


I came to know Strafi30 by a “former coworker“: He tweeted about a 30 day challenge to get into your bikini shape. Of course you do not have to take it that seriously, it’s just that 30 days are a basic minimum for a change in your day-to-day life to become a habit. So the goal is to change something within these 30 days and let it become a habit to change your life to the better. Some participants put out goals regarding doing more sports, eating less sweets, stop drinking soft drinks, drink less beer, basically do something good for your health, body and brain. If you are reading this, you are probably reading this on my website (where else?) – Is it a coincidence that this website was made in a sitesprint which was the same length as the #strafi30 now is?

My goal

So there was I – thinking of not doing enough sports anymore and there was #strafi30 – motivating me to go out and move my butt. So that’s what I did. My goal is to make jogging a habit again – I used to go jogging a lot but that was also a couple of years ago. There is a local running event in my hometown on May 17th and I would love to take part in it. They offer 5km, 10km and 21km. I originally aimed for the 10km run but as the deadline was approaching quickly and I only had ~42 days until the event (now it’s even less – surprise!) this goal might shift to the 5km run, though I am still trying to convince my body to get me into the 10km finish!

Since starting with training I have been doing sports at least 3 times a week with this week probably only making it to two practice sessions, but we will see. Workouts consisted of running, tennis and football (as in soccer) – mainly because I need the fun part to stay motivated. So far my motivation for running has increased a little as I was able to get in a couple of morning runs before heading to the office, which I thought would be out of option for me, but here I am in the office, after a morning workout – with sore legs ;).

Besides running I set out the goal to drink more green tea than before, which is not that hard when at work, I kinda forget it at home though and need to improve there.

What happens after the 30 days?

As mentioned earlier the 30 days are meant to make whatever you put out as your goal a habit. So I am hoping for my body to keep telling me that I am able and require to move and feel better when moving is an integral part of the week. I also do not want to overdo it, done that before several times and then stopped running faster than I could ever pick it up again.

So I am still going running alone but I know there are others out there try to break their habits and make a change in their life

Current status May 15th 2014: failure

The run would have been on Saturday. Unfortunately there is now another appointment I have to take for another important event this year. This means I won’t be running in the competition, bummer. This sucks and I feel like I kind of failed. On the other hand, I have worked out more regularly than I have for the last 3 years and I feel a lot more motivation to go running and after running I do not feel that sore anymore. Sounds like it is time to increase the intensity. So while I failed in competing, I am still seeing success in doing more sports more regularly! I am sure I will find another local competition anytime soon.

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