Nov 06

PORSCHE Sound Night 2014

A couple of weeks I had the chance to go to the PORSCHE Sound Night 2014. It is an event where the PORSCHE Museum in Stuttgart demonstrates old, new, street and race-cars and especially their sound to the audience. Aside from the sound they discuss details about each model with former drivers and the people behind the car who developed it etc.

PORSCHE impressions

Besides the actual show they are putting on you are free to walk through the museum and enjoy the look and history of PORSCHE cars. Pictures say more than a thousand words so here are some pictures:

In the workshop

A short look behind the scenes of what is happening and how cars before going on displays look like:

Would you believe that this car is worth a 6-figure amount?

The highlight: PORSCHE 918 Spyder

Another expensive yet also really impressive car: The PORSCHE 918 Spyder! A street car that hold the lap records on several race tracks worldwide. And a beautiful car, too:

The sounds

Not that great quality but I took a video of almost all the sounds, too. Hope you enjoy it.