Sep 19

Vacationing in Dubai

Just a couple of weeks ago – feels like it has been a lot longer – I took a one week vacation in Dubai. It offered the best price/value for my money when it came to good weather (aka no rain), pools, beach and shopping. It was a no brainer, though spending time outside when it’s 46°C … let’s say it gets kinda tough not to be sweating.

Getting there and back

From Frankfurt there are regular flights to Dubai and back (~6 hrs each way) with Emirates which is an incredible airline. They have pretty good in-flight entertainment and modern planes (both ways we were on a Boeing 777-300ER) and the screens of the entertainment system were bigger than I have experienced in other airlines before. Unfortunately on both flights we experienced problems with the entertainment systems – as the flight on our way back wasn’t fully booked we were able to change seats but on our way to Dubai it sucked, pretty bad. They tried rebooting the systems several times which did not help in our row and at least 3 rows in front of and behind us.

Dubai Airport

Once we made it through the security we had to walk a pretty long way to the metro station as we did not want to take a taxi all the way to our hotel – we are Swabians, so we look for every chance to save money. The metro is pretty nice and operates without any personnel. On our way back we got to check out the biggest duty free mall of the world, which was fun to browse through but the prices weren’t that cheap so we just got some liquor that is not easily available in stores in Germany.

Dubai city

If you are hoping for some nice old arabian buildings and areas in Dubai you will probably be disappointed. Dubai looks modern everywhere we went and even the heritage village was (almost) brand new. Other than that the city is pretty impressive. The skyscrapers, the streets (6 lanes each direction), the cars, the malls (really impressive) and all the people from all over the world.


There are a couple of things that I think you need to do when you are here:

  • Mall of the emirates — indoor skiing while it’s 46°C outside
  • Burj Khalifa — highest building and visitor platform on this planet
  • Big Red Bus Tour and River Cruise — a nice chance to get more information about the city and a comfortable way to cruise the city
  • Dubai Outlet Mall — they have the coolest comic store I have ever seen. Other than that not really worth the trip there
  • Chill at the pool
  • Checkout the beach promenade at JBR The Walk, close to The Beach


Now for some pictures – just a couple of shots, got way more than that, probably uploading them to flickr soon.

Been there – done that?

Have you been to Dubai and/or the emirates before? What were your impressions? I have met a lot of nice people from a lot of different countries. In general it was standing out that every place we went to there were almost always more people working there than they had guests, and some places were packed with guests. Would I recommend going there? Definitely, if you are going for a beach and pool vacation – in my opinion and compared to Europe, I prefer historic sights which were rare in Dubai which is a really modern city.

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