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Mar 05

Re: A Developer’s Bucket List

Feb 24

When skipping ideas does not feel wrong or you better be prepaired

Feb 24

Free app/game idea: Brand spotting

Dec 09

iOS apps I miss on Android - and why is that so?

Jul 28

My new phone: The Samsung Galaxy S

Jul 22

Meet Wunderlist - the task management tool

Aug 30

My favorite Android apps

As a follow-up to my previous introduction to Android I will highlight my favorite or most-used apps in this post. Those are just apps that don't come with Android itself, such as Google Mail or Maps, just talking about the ones I manually got from the Android market.

Jun 30

Android - an introduction

Early this year I broke my old phone. It was an HTC S620 with Windows Mobile on it. As I needed a new phone I looked and asked around what people were buying at that time. A friend of mine already owned a Motorola Milestone (Droid is the international name) and I liked it - a lot. The reason for my liking though was not (only) the fact that the hardware is pretty nice but the operating system it runs: Android. This post is an introduction to what Android is and what it does.