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Mar 05

Re: A Developer’s Bucket List

Feb 24

When skipping ideas does not feel wrong or you better be prepaired

Aug 30

Coding competitions: node.js knockout

Aug 25

Django Dash - Lessons learned

The Django Dash is a chance for Django enthusiasts to flex their coding skills a little and put a fine point on “perfectionists with deadlines” by giving you a REAL deadline. 48 hours from start to stop to produce the best app you can and have a little fun in the process. I took part in this year's Dash and am posting this to give an insight into my Dash weekend.

Dec 14

My review of SiteSprint II

It all started November 14th when I found out about SiteSprint II. SiteSprint was the idea of @bryanveloso, @gregnewman & @cdharrison and I find it is a great idea to get motivated, although there are no awards and no prizes, you are just doing this for you. So I joined the same day - as it started November 15th. Today is December 14th and I am writing this together as most of the parts of this page is done by now.