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Jul 31

My Pebble Smartwatch experience

Jun 07

Upgrading the Olympus PEN E-PL3 with a prime lense

Sep 06

Using Chef to install mongoDB in a Vagrant box

Jun 01

Meet my new camera: OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL3

Mar 05

Re: A Developer’s Bucket List

Feb 24

When skipping ideas does not feel wrong or you better be prepaired

Feb 24

Free app/game idea: Brand spotting

Jan 07

Using Vim and Janus on Debian

Dec 09

iOS apps I miss on Android - and why is that so?

Nov 27

2011 Geek Holiday Gift Guide

Aug 30

Coding competitions: node.js knockout

Jul 28

My new phone: The Samsung Galaxy S

Jul 22

Meet Wunderlist - the task management tool

Jun 14

OpenPhoto - would you use it?

Jun 06

Respect to Github

Mar 29

How Evernote helps me blogging

Mar 25

How to use online APIs - a starting point

Mar 16

Ineteresting APIs - where to start?

Feb 22

Why do websites focus on new users and not existing ones?

Websites which require you to sign in (aka they need you to log in) tend to focus on new users and not their existing ones. I'm wondering why that is so?

Feb 09

Kickstarter - an addictive website

Lately I have had more and more tweets in my timeline with links to a new way to fund creative projects. Kickstarter is a website that aims to help projects to receive funding. This post is to describe the idea behind Kickstarter and to name a few projects that really look interesting.

Aug 17

The way I use VirtualBox

Virtualization is everywhere. VirtualBox ( is not new, I have used it for quite a while now but haven't really digged deeper into it. Today a colleague at work told me more about it and I got to love its command line tool: VBoxManage - which you can use to basically do everything that the GUI can do, too, plus more. I'll introduce one nice little feature I came to love today in this very blog post.

Feb 16

Bing versus Google

I think around 2 years ago I had to write a paper at my university about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Since then I check different search engines for their results from time to time. This time it was Bing ( and Google ( - when I wrote the paper, Bing was still MSN Search or whatever its name was.