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Jul 10

Film Photography - The Canon A-1

Jun 07

Upgrading the Olympus PEN E-PL3 with a prime lense

May 29

Going camping in Canada

Mar 05

Re: A Developer’s Bucket List

Feb 24

When skipping ideas does not feel wrong or you better be prepaired

Feb 24

Free app/game idea: Brand spotting

Dec 09

iOS apps I miss on Android - and why is that so?

Nov 27

2011 Geek Holiday Gift Guide

Jun 14

OpenPhoto - would you use it?

Jun 06

Respect to Github

Mar 25

How to use online APIs - a starting point

Mar 16

Ineteresting APIs - where to start?

Feb 22

Why do websites focus on new users and not existing ones?

Websites which require you to sign in (aka they need you to log in) tend to focus on new users and not their existing ones. I'm wondering why that is so?

Feb 10

8 ideas for Valentine's day 2010

Every year February the 14th is the so called Valentine's Day. Basically meaning giving love and / or presents to the one you love (my interpretation). My girlfriend and I don't think giving the opposite side a present is something useful, so we decided to just spend the day together and make it a fun day! I still have some ideas for presents that I want to share with you.

Jan 07

3 rules to make twitter fun